Andrew Tate’s Crypto Stash Seized by Romanian Authorities

• Andrew Tate, a social media influencer and five-time kickboxing champion, was recently arrested in Romania for human trafficking and sexual assault.
• Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury items from him, as well as hardware wallets containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars.
• Andrew had praised cryptocurrencies in the past, but his interest may be driven by personal gain and avoiding taxes.

Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania

British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate was arrested in Bucharest, Romania in December 2022 on charges of human trafficking, sexual assault and forming an organized criminal enterprise.

Romanian Police Seize Luxury Items & Digital Assets

Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes, and watches from Tate and his associates. In addition to this, they also seized hardware wallets from Tate and his brother Tristan containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars together; this included five bitcoins (BTC) worth about $110k for Andrew and 16 bitcoins held by Tristan amounting to a total of $465k. These five seized bitcoins were held in Andrew’s girlfriend’s wallet.

Andrew Praises Cryptocurrencies

In December 2022, Altcoin Daily applauded Tate’s encouragement of crypto investment which he had expressed on various occasions including a mutual back-patting exchange with Michael Saylor CEO of MicroStrategy who stated “Fiat makes you weak – Bitcoin makes you strong”. However it appears that his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies could be motivated by personal gain rather than conviction as he bragged about using crypto to dodge taxes with The Mirror report suggesting he made an impressive $600,000 a month employing 75 sex workers while dodging taxes using crypto.

Tate Involved With Pornography Business

Tate had also often showcased a controversial side to himself with boasting about setting up a pornographic webcam business despite the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) listing bitcoin payouts to performers as employment income thus requiring taxable payments.


Andrew Tate has been involved with many questionable activities such as human trafficking & sexual assault as well as promoting cryptocurrency use without proper acknowledgement or understanding of its legal implications along with bragging about dodging taxesusing cryptocurrency which can lead to serious consequences if not done correctly hence highlighting the importance for individuals to properly understand their actions before engaging in them .