Bitcoin payments are the ’second stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,‘ says Stephen Colbert of The Late Show

But to be fair, they are far behind the remotely controlled chastity cages.

Stephen Colbert, the charismatic host of The Late Show on CBS, isn’t holding back his punches or his jokes when it comes to Bitcoin.

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In a segment called „Quarantinewhile,“ which presents a summary of fun news for viewers to watch while confined to their homes, Colbert referred to a recent Vice news story in which hackers took control of Internet-connected chastity cages, devices used by men to avoid engaging in any kind of sexual activity, and demanded The News Spy scam to unlock them.

„Getting paid at Bitcoin? That’s the second stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,“ Colbert said with a smile, implying that the first would be:

„Apparently, these people connected their chastity cages to the network and then got hacked […] Of course this is going to happen, it’s one thing to give control of your hardship box to a loved one, but it’s a big leap of faith to say, let’s put my package in the cloud.

Colbert was one of the few late-night talk show hosts to do a segment on cryptomoney in April 2013, when the price of Bitcoin fluctuated between $50 and $300. At the time, then-Colbert Report’s host apparently agreed with Wall Street analyst Nick Colas‘ assessment of cryptomoney, calling it „gold for the nerds.

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„Bitcoin joins a rich tradition of invented coins like Camel Cash and the Euro,“ Colbert said. „Bitcoin is worth only because a group of people on the Internet have agreed that it is worth something.

„If you don’t know what Bitcoin is… Do you want to buy Bitcoin? No? Are you sure?“

As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is $39,350, having gone up more than 40,000% since that segment was released eight years ago.